April 20th (1 to 1 Conference)

So on April 20th our Web2.0 class is going to Des Moines to talk to a group of people (students and teachers) about our schools way of using computers with students/teachers, and how we learn from them. I think this is a good trip for our class because we do do a lot with these computers we use them everyday for almost all of our classes. We use them to look up information, do assignments, or to entertain us when we have a bit of free time. For a web2.0 application that I use the most would be Facebook. I really only use Facebook most of the time but i guess I would use Twitter as my next application. I usually just get on Twitter to look at things when I am bored at school or to see what other people are thinking… or to find out more about media and the celebs. I also think that Google is a web2.0 app, because you get on there to look up info that other people have uploaded. So everyone is uploading and sharing around the world which makes it a Web2.0 application. I use Google mostly to look up words I don’t know or some questions on homework assignments. Can even look up ideas for art projects on Google. Most students around here use applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Skype, and other communication websites as web2.0 applications. I think they use those the most because we all like to communicate with people and those websites seem to entertain us the most.
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Warming Weather

It has been getting really nice outside lately and all of the snow is almost all melted away. I can’t wait til it is all gone and dried up and then i can finally wash my car and keep it clean.

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I hate winter. I am tired of all the snow and all of the cold. We did have 3 snow days this year which is good because seniors don’t have to make up those days like everyone else 😛 I hope it warms up soon!

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New Year. 2011. :)

I am excited for this year. We have one semester left of high school. We will have our senior prom, graduation, then get out of school early. Have a great summer then off to college.. 🙂   For my new years resolution for school will probably be to be more organized with my work, try harder since I will have a science and history class, and to keep up with everything that comes at me. In web2.0 I plan to participate more tech stuff so that I can get a better grade than last semester 🙂

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School. = Stress.

School has been stressful lately. It’s not like we have major finals at our school unless it is a major class. But, since it’s the end of the semester, everyone is freaking out and teachers feel the reason to give low grades for no reason at all. If you want us to work teachers, then give us work!.. Then give us credit for doing the work. I feel that teachers don’t understand us and if they think we are slacking off on our work, then they are slacking off on their job by not giving us work. Especially when we don’t understand something, they think they have to grade us on how well we comprehend something. That is not right. I have these problems in a few classes, but when I look at other people I feel really bad for them and I don’t think they deserve these academic tragedies.

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I think that self-confidence is a major controversial topic. The way you live, your personality, the way you affect people all rests upon you and your self-confidence. Not only is it important to show people you are confident, but you really need to be inside and out. Most people in the world aren’t happy about the way they look. That affects your confidence, which affects your attitude and personality, which affects the way everyone will look at you. Some people don’t care about what people think of them. They only care about how they look and think of themselves. Some are so upset about the way they look that their feeling get in the way of reality. This can lead to eating disorders, plastic surgery, and sometimes suicide. The media also has a big affect on the way we look at ourselves. They want us all to be one type of person, so being anyone else seems unacceptable. Everyone is different. That is how  we are supposed to be. It all reality it should not matter what you look like. Everyone is different anyway.  No one person looks the same as the another (unless you are born identical twins). If you are not confident in the way you look it can affect your whole life.

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Wordle: Whitney

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